Description of these Original, Unique Works from the Inspired Heart of the artist, Bhavani Judith Tucker

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The end result feels to me to be an outward expression of the inner essence of the stone...if it could have been colorful rather than gray or black, what would it have wanted to look like? The process is very alive for me, and totally single-pointed while I work, usually in silence. 

When the rock is completed, I sense a kind of joyful excitement emanating from it, as its true colors have been revealed for all to see, and for years to come. 

 California Wedding Officiant

Interfaith Wedding Ceremonies

Commemorate your big day with a Beautiful Memento of your shared love.

If you have a special occasion or ceremony coming up, consider a HeartStone that reflects, symbolically, your rite of passage. 

In the ancient Celtic Traditions, it was common to hold a special “Oathing Stone” in the hands while making solemn promises. It was believed that the vow or commitment was transferred into the stone itself, and helped to physically manifest those vows and commitments. 

The stone was then kept as a treasured keepsake to celebrate the strength, endurance and longevity of love. 

These HeartStones are the perfect way to to carry on those traditions.​

These stones are Mexican river rocks that I have chosen individually according to the feel and shape. To create the design, I select a stone and hold it in my hands for a while.  I feel an inner resonance that directs me as I begin creating. Sometimes the stone seems to "want" birds, insects, feathers or flowers on or near it. Sometimes, I'm inspired to layer a marbling effect of many colors. Sometimes the stone has features that inspire me.

Each HeartStone is sealed with a coating that blocks the UV rays from fading the colors, in case you choose to place the stone outdoors in a sacred garden. The stones are also beautiful on an altar or other special location.